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In IV circles Myers Briggs is very popular, to either love or hate.  I’m doing a teaching at a student leadership meeting about our personality and spiritual gifts so I’ve been researching online tests (free ones).  By far my favorite one is from Simliarminds, if only because at the end they give you a list of “favored careers” and not so favored careers for your specific Myers Briggs type indicator.

I’m a INTP, but depending on which test I take and how I understand the questions, I flirt with being a ISTP.

Below I’ve attached the screen shot of my INTP favored careers.  This should provide plenty of fodder for comments people.  I could write-up a whole post on all the things I love about the “careers” listed, but will restrain myself and instead point out my favorite two.  Had I know the second was an option I probably would have declared a different major…or would I.

So go on, let me have it.



  1. I’m glad you majored in arch and not slacking or the former.

    I can see you being a lot on that list though.

  2. You would be an amazing assassin. Maybe your next role with IV? Divisional Assassin. Can we get a logo for that? Love it.

    • I know I’ve probably got the first 13 letters of that combination down…

        • Dixon
        • Posted November 29, 2010 at 9:21 pm
        • Permalink

        Nicely done Loveridge. Nicely done.

    • In my liminal time I would easily apply for Divisional Assassin. Qualifications:
      * I like to travel
      * I’m relational
      * I have a working knowledge of the geographical and organizational layout of the Surf and Turf Division
      * I already possess a code name that is recognized by IV-USA

      Also, Lovie, if the applications for NASA astronauts opens up again, I’ll sign us up.

  3. No MOOCH? I’m disappointed. Did you notice Astronaut? It’s nice to see that both sides of your head are still represented…love you, whatever you are! Mom

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